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Ocean Marine Habitat PACK (Science Week 2020)


Ocean Marine Habitat PACK (Science Week 2020)

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Science Week Price $61.00 
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PACK CONTAINS 8 books from our title catalogue suitable for ocean marine habitat units of inquiry and guided reading:

Our One Ocean (Level 25) description
Snow (Level 8) inquiry and description
Wave Riders (Level 23) science of wind and waves
Extreme Survival (Level 30) extreme ocean depths and polar areas, Greenland, Antarctica

Don't Splash Me (Level 2) narrative fun beach day
At the Beach (Level 8) narrative fun beach day
A Merry Band of Pirate Mice (Level 15) fun verse of pirate mice at sea 
Victoria Is That True? (Level 21) a narrative exaggerates shipwreck, polar experiences 


Our One Ocean PACK (search 'Ocean' in title search)

Ocean Marine Life PACK (search 'Ocean' in title search)

Are Plastics the Problem? plastic in the ocean (search 'Plastics' in title search)

Australian States Series PACK (search 'Australian' in title search) All titles contain chapters about the ocean's marine life and habitats including marine parks.

Flush New Edition toilets, sustainability, technology (search 'Flush' in title search)

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