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Ocean Marine Life PACK (Science Week 2020)


Ocean Marine Life PACK
(Science Week 2020)

Usually $80.75

Science Week Price $67.00
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PACK CONTAINS 9 books from our collection suitable for ocean marine life units of inquiry and guided reading:

Iceberg Life (Level 9) polar life
Is it a Prawn or a Shrimp? (Level 15) inquiry
Are Fish Popular Pets? (Level 18) compare guppies to goldfish
Skin and Skeletons (Level 19) fish
Animal Journeys (Level 28) marine migration 

Penguin Race (Level 9) narrative three penguin characters
Big Fish, Little Fish? (Level 11) narrative – a little fish outsmarts a big bully fish 
Trish the Jellyfish (Level 15) a jellyfish and a sardine help each other outsmart a shark
Gilbert the Goofy Guppy (Level 18) narrative – a guppy doesn't outsmart a shark


Our One Ocean PACK (search 'Ocean' in title search)

Ocean Marine Habitat PACK (search 'Ocean' in title search)

Are Plastics the Problem? plastic in the ocean (search 'Plastics' in title search)

Australian States Series PACK (search 'Australian' in title search) All titles contain chapters about the ocean's marine life and habitats including marine parks.

Flush New Edition toilets, sustainability, technology (search 'Flush' in title search)

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