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Ocean PACK (Science Week 2020)


Our One Ocean (Level 25, Years 1–4) 

All items can be bought separately. This is a discounted-price pack for guided reading in SCIENCE WEEK – 'Deep Blue: innovation for the future of our oceans’

20% Discount
PACK Price $80 (usually $101.00)

Our One Ocean PACK Contains:
8 copies Student Book (usually $9.75 each) Reprinted/updated July 2020
1 copy Teacher Edition (usually $8.00 each) 
(NEW) 1 PDF 24 Activity/Answer Sheets (usually $15.00)

Teacher Edition
Page-by-page guided reading support including comprehension and activities.
Activity/Answer Sheets PDF
Page-by-page comprehension and English skills activities, with easy-to-mark answer sheets

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Are Plastics the Problem? (Level 28, Years 1–3)
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Student Book 6-pack $51.25 (17% discounted price)
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Flush NEW EDITION (Level 25, Years 1–3) New Edition July 2020
NEW Student Book $9.75 
NEW Student Book 6-pack $48.95 (17% discounted price) 
NEW Teacher Edition $8.00 (page-by-page guided reading support) August 2020

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