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6 FREE Let's Go to Queensland BOOKS in August 2022


ADD this free product to your cart, and with your order in August 2022, we'll send you:

5 copies of Let's Go to Queensland (New Edition)
1 copy of Let's Go to Queensland Teacher Edition (page-by-page support: language and literacy, comprehension, activities, reading/writing models).
1 Let's Go to Queensland Activities/Answers PDF (in colour)

(All valued at $61.00)

Let's Go to Queensland
Ideal for Years 1–3 guided reading and independent projects.
Includes a discussion chapter and covers these Key Learning Areas (Humanities, Sciences, Technology, Arts) and these Cross-curriculum Priorities (Indigenous Australians and their culture and history – and Sustainability).

QLD content in Very Valued Vets (Level 31)
NEW in 2020, this reader features inspiring vets in QLD, NT, VIC and SA including vets who work for AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities)

QLD content in Sugar, Natural or Added? (Level 21)
NEW EDITION published in 2020, this reader includes the QLD sugar cane industry. It has been rewritten and redesigned with new images, flow charts and recipes and more.

QLD content in Towers (Level 27)
This popular reader features Queensland's Q1Tower, Victoria's Eureka Tower and Australian students at Melbourne's Skydeck Education with Altitude on the 88th floor!

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