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Australian States Series Pack (7 titles) 25% DISCOUNT


25% off 7-titles' set $60.75 (full price $81)

Australian States Series Pack contains: one each of seven titles in the NEW Australian States Series. 

Each title has many chapters suitable for key curriculum content areas, including Science as Human Endeavour. One of the themes is the ocean and Australia's marine life and habitats – some examples are below:

Let’s Go to the Territories (NEW on 18 September 2020)
This new book covers all 10 territories – 3 mainland and 7 external territories – therefore all chapters, except the ACT, feature amazing places and marine life around the ocean.

Let’s Go to South Australia (NEW published in July 2020)
Chapter 6: Ports and peninsulas – purposes of ports, habitats and marine life
Chapter 7: Marine parks and peninsulas
Chapter 8: Migration of giant cuttlefish and whales – including a marine scientist who studies the giant cuttlefish
Chapter 9: Kangaroo Island and marine parks

Let’s Go to Tasmania (NEW published in March 2020)
Chapter 5: Tasman National Park (sea caves, sea cliffs); Freycinet National Park (wetlands, beaches, wildlife)  
Chapter 7: Devonport, Bass Strait Maritime Centre; Tamar River – tourism, habitats and marine life 
Chapter 8: Islands (Flinders, King, Bruny, Macquarie) and wildlife
Chapter 9: Renewable Energy: Water (hydro) and wind power (Hydro Tasmania case study)

Let’s Go to Victoria (NEW published in March 2020)
Chapter 3: Port Phillip Bay – wildlife, ferries, bridges
Chapter 6: Mornington Peninsula – marine life, beaches, sand dunes
Chapter 7: Phillip Island penguins – wildlife park ranger interview
Let’s Go to New South Wales (NEW published in January 2020)
Chapter 2: Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour – purposes, habitats
Chapter 6: Taronga Zoos – wildlife officer interview who rehabilitates a marine turtle
Chapter 7: Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay – habitats and marine life (beaches, wetlands)
Chapter 10: Murray-Darling Basin, Lord Howe Island Group – purposes, habitats and marine life 
Let’s Go to Queensland (NEW published end 2019)
Chapter 2: Great Barrier Reef – habitats and marine life 
Chapter 3: Fraser Island – tourism, habitats and marine life 
Chapter 4: Sunshine Coast – tourism, habitats and marine life

Let’s Go to Western Australia (NEW published end 2019)
Chapter 6: Wave Rock and waves
Chapter 9: Islands, lakes and rivers – habitats and marine life
Chapter 10: Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coast – world heritage sites

SAVE with 6-packs
All titles can be ordered as 6-packs – which include free activity sheets ideal for guided nonfiction reading.

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