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VERSE – Thematic Book Pack (15 titles + puppet) 17% Discount


The Verse Thematic Book Pack comprises 15 engaging verse titles from Levels 2–15 plus a plush Grusilda dragon hand-puppet.

Grusilda (Level 2)
What Will We Do Today? (Level 3)
I Wish I Was an Elf (Level 4)
Scratch Rat Scratch (Level 6)
Sniff Sniff Snuffle Snort (Level 6)
Make Monkey Music (Level 7)
Rickety Tickety Tock (Level 9)
Cool Crow Party (Level 9)
All Aboard Our Airship (Level 10)
Sandwich for a Cockroach (Level 10)
Rollercoaster Thrill! (Level 10)
Our Street Parade (Level 11)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Level 13)
Where Do Nursery Rhymes Come From? (Level 13 Nonfiction)
A Merry Band of Pirate Mice (Level 15)

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