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Levels 21–22 Fiction Set (4 Titles)

Levels 21–22 Fiction Set (4 Titles)

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Levels 21–22 chapter-book readers are not paired fiction, but they have hilarious storylines and engaging characters, preparing students for paired fiction @ Levels 23–30 below. (4 Teacher Editions for 4 Fiction Readers)Titles: Level 21 Mr McFurtle Fix-Up Friday (narrative, humour, technology); Level 21 Victoria, Is That True? (narrative, humour, exaggerations); Level 22 A Hundred Million Peas (narrative, humour, values); Level 22 When I'm in Charge (narrative, humour, values).

Paired Fiction Set (Levels 23–30) 16 Titles
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Each paired fiction (two chapter books) share one storyline but written from two characters' perspectives, and usually different time periods. Great to reinforce vocabulary between each pair of readers. (16 Teacher Editions for 16 Paired Fiction Readers)

Level 23 + Level 24 PAIR
(Level 23) Preposterous Problem Parrot (narrative, humour) + (Level 24) Blackspit the Buccaneer (narrative, humour)

Level 23 + Level 24 PAIR
(Level 23) Bark Baxter Bark (narrative, drama) + (Level 24) Lionel the Sly Snake (narrative, humour, drama)

Level 25 + Level 26 PAIR
(Level 25) Carlton Fumble, Conjuror (narrative, humour, drama) + (Level 26) Merry, Merry Magic Muddle (narrative, humour, drama)

Level 25 + Level 26 PAIR
(Level 25) The King's Disappointing Dust (narrative, humour, drama) + (Level 26) Pierre's Peculiar Puddings (narrative, humour, drama)

Level 27 + Level 28 PAIR
(Level 27) The Forbidden Cupboard (narrative, present-day and historical drama) + (Level 28) The Chronomobile Mystery (narrative/recount, historical drama)

Level 27 + Level 28 PAIR
(Level 27) Feroz, the Unfortunate Genie (narrative, present-day and historical drama) + (Level 28) Spike Robin, Undercover Agent (narrative, historical drama)

Level 29 + Level 30 PAIR
(Level 29) The Riddle of Bloodstone Castle (narrative, mystery, drama) + (Level 30) The Secret of Bloodstone Ruins (narrative, mystery, drama)

Level 29 + Level 30 PAIR
(Level 29) The Heroic Little Bear (narrative, humour, mystery) + (Level 30) Uncle Ivan's Unlikely Exploits (narrative, humour, drama)

20 Teacher Editions for Levels 21–30 Fiction and Paired Fiction Readers
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Australian Curriculum Relevance
(ACELT 1589) Year 2 Responding to literature "Compare opinions about characters, events and settings in and between texts"
(ACELT 1591) Year 2 Examining literature “Discuss the characters and settings of different texts and explore how language is used to present these features in different ways.”

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