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Sugar – Natural or Added? Teacher Edition (New Edition)


(Level 21) Sugar: Natural or Added? (sequence: sugar-cane-growing and sugar-making processes; procedure: a basic sugar recipe ‘Frozen Grape Balls’ is uniquely changed by adding more ingredients containing lactose (yoghurt) and glucose (oats )

Teacher Edition $8.00 each (Student Book $9.75 ea., Save 6-pack $48.95)

This new edition has new chapters, updated facts and has been completely redesigned. Features Queensland sugar cane growing, harvesting, processing – including pests and the cane toad! A great fruit fructose recipe that children can make without parental supervision; Australian Dietary guidelines for children's daily fruit serves and much more. 

Easy to identify and store with the student books, and great to use in group and guided reading.

Page-by-page teaching lessons – this teacher edition highlights the wealth of teaching opportunities contained in Sugar - Natural or Added? and has an Australian curriculum focus. It features:

• Teacher orientation    

• Teacher preparation    

• Pre-reading discussion    

• Visual and title literacy   

• Page-by-page lessons    

• Instruction charts

• Language features    

• Comprehension questions    

• Curriculum activities

• Visual comprehension         

• Group activities  

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