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Foundation Year Fiction

In 2021, we published 10 new Pre-levels 1–2 readers to directly support our 10 Levels 1–2 readers. The Pre-levels 1–2 readers prepare students for reading Levels 1–2 readers by providing practice of key sight and non-sight words in a simpler and shorter fiction or nonfiction. Ideal for students who need more vocabulary repetition in the same fiction or nonfiction context.

For many of today's media-savvy young readers, prior exposure to a lively text environment means their expectations – and capabilities – with language forms and design elements tend to be significantly higher. In the same classroom, there are children who haven’t had the same level of rich-language engagement. In response to the wide range of skills and abilities across Foundation Year classrooms, our Levels 1–10 collection offers a co-ordinated, inclusive literacy resource that will resonate with high achievers, while still having all the literacy supports needed to extend and enhance the capabilities of every student, regardless of level.