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Year 2 Nonfiction (30 titles)

Year 2 Levels 21–30 nonfiction (30 titles)

In Literacy Tower's Nonfiction, each of the 30 titles are beautifully designed to engage students and ignite their interest in a wide range of topics related to the Australian Curriculum key content areas. There's never an excuse for dull nonfiction titles. We've had teachers tell us that they've seen their children negotiating with each other over who gets to read our Levels 21–30 collection first; we've heard of reluctant readers who sit at their desks, utterly absorbed by the images and design, using their own initiative to piece together the text elements. We've been told of boys whose imaginations are sparked because they suddenly see topics that genuinely interest them. And we've seen high-achievers, eager for imaginative and informative reading, devour these titles. Like you, we want children to want to read. Try these nonfiction titles – and watch the transformation.