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Term 4, 2021 DISCOUNTS and FREE Books

35% discount off SETS of readers (Levels 1–31+)
90 fiction + 90 nonfiction titles Years F–4.

A SET contains one copy of each title.

A great time to refresh your take-home, library and guided reading resources with beautifully designed books filled with engaging content. Many books contain Australian content, such as Australian States and Territories Series Set (7 titles).

37% discount off 6-PACKS of readers (Levels 1–31+)
90 fiction + 90 nonfiction titles Years F–4.

A 6-PACK contains 6 copies of a title. Orders of 7 copies of more of a title will be invoiced at 37% discount, too.

A great time to refresh your guided reading resources with beautifully designed books that engage from the title and cover design to the end, such as our unique paired fiction (one storyline, two characters' perspectives) at Levels 23–30 (16 titles) in the Year 2 six-packs section.



Guide Dog (Level 5) 6-pack (value $44.75) HERE
Let's Go to South Australia (Level 31+) one copy HERE
The Ant and the Elephant (Level 12) Student Book and Teacher Edition HERE
NEW A Pre-level 1 Reader HERE
NEW A Pre-level 2 Reader HERE


Indigenous Australians, Sustainability, Asia and Australia

Indigenous Australian Content in These Readers (Foundation–Year 4)

Australia's Outback (Level 20)
Includes references to the importance of place to Australia's Indigenous peoples culture and history.

Costume Changes (Level 22)
Chapter 7 features Indigenous Australians and their natural-materials costumes, which help them to share their traditional stories through dance and music at many kinds of ceremonies.

Places, What's in a Name? (Level 30)
The Indigenous placename charts provide names, locations and meanings.

Australian States and Territories Series (Level 31+)
In each book, there are many in-context references to Australia's Indigenous peoples culture and achievements.

Achievements by Peoples of Asia in These Readers (Foundation to Year 4)

Singapore Neighbourhoods (Level 24)

The Story of Silk (Level 21)

Towers (Level 27)

Costume Changes (Level 21)

Sustainability Content in This Pack (Foundation to Year 3)

Sustainability Thematic Books Pack (Levels 5–28) 10 titles
Includes our NEW 2021 published Are All Plastics a Problem? (Level 28)


NEW IN APRIL 2021 – Pre-Levels 1 and 2 Readers

Ten pre-level readers that directly support our 10 Levels 1 and 2 guided readers. Ideal to prepare beginning readers to build confidence, fluency, enjoyment and success. A high frequency analysis in each book provides the frequency of decodable, sight and non-sight words.

SAVE 35% on a SET (1 each of the 10 Pre-Levels 1 and 2 Readers) HERE
SAVE 37% on
each 6-PACK (6 copies of each Pre-Levels 1 and 2 title) HERE

Paper Planes to Supersonic Aircraft (Level 31+)
Ideal for Years 2–5, this book features many Australians, such as the Paper Pilots; The NSW Paper Plane Challenge; Paper Planes the Movie (Director) and much more. Published in May 2021.

ORDER single copies HERE
ORDER a six-pack and save 37% HERE

Very Valued Vets (Level 31+)

Ideal for Years 2–4, this book features many Australian vets doing amazing work in South Australia, outback NT, Queensland and Victoria. Ideal for Science as a Human Endeavour; Biological Sciences, Maths and HASS. Published in 2020.

ORDER single copies HERE
ORDER a six-pack and save 37% HERE

Foundation Year to Years 2/3: Levels 1–30

The 150 leveled fiction and nonfiction readers and 150 companion Teacher Editions assist teachers in guided reading lessons, as well as parents who are home-schooling.

  • Each of the 150 Teacher Editions are the same size as the student books and provide page-by-page support. VIEW a Teacher Edition HERE

  • The books are aligned to the Australian and State Curriculums, and provide introductory text type models and vibrantly designed books to retain the interest of today's students. 

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