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Australian States and Territories Series (7 titles)

NEW in 2020

The Australian States and Territories Series was printed in Australia. Ideal for Year 2–Year 5 students to knowledge build across a range of topics – presented as level-appropriate text, supported by glossaries in context and captivating designs of images,charts, diagrams, graphics and maps. Each book has curriculum-aligned topics from our early history (Indigenous Australians, explorers and immigrants) to relatable present-day places, events and people.

Ideal for:

  • Guided Reading
  • Student Projects
  • Library Reference.

SAVE GUIDED READING 6-PACKS (17% discount) for each of the six Level 31+ titles – Let's Go to New South Wales; Let's Go to South Australia; Let's Go to Tasmania; Let's Go to Victoria; Let's Go to Western Australia; Let's Go to the Territories.

SAVE Let's Go to Queensland GUIDED READING 6-PACK (17% discount) for this Level 22 title.

SAVE 7-TITLE SET (1 of each title in series)
Let's Go to Western Australia; Let's Go to New South Wales; Let's Go to Tasmania; Let's Go to Victoria; Let's Go to South Australia, Let's Go to Queensland, Let's Go to the Territories. 


FREE SAMPLE PDFs (one chapter and the activity/answer sheets to trial in your classroom. Available for every state/territory. Contact 1800 733 608, or email