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About Us

Literacy Tower Australia is an educational publishing company specialising in levelled fiction and non-fiction books for Foundation to Year 4 students and teachers.

Unique to Literacy Tower Australia are our 150 Teacher Editions that directly support our 150 Student Readers (Levels 1–30). Comprehensive and curriculum-related page-by-page support for all educators – from student teachers to busy experienced teachers in need of planning assistance.

In 2024, we announced that a free Teacher Edition will be provided with every order of two copies or more. For example: if you order 2 (or more) copies of Where Does the Moon Go? (Level 18) we will include a FREE copy of Where Does the Moon Go? Teacher Edition.

Literacy Tower Australia books are:

  • printed in Australia
  • all cello-glazed covers (for added durability)
  • larger page size enabling great designs, e.g. each double-page size is 200mm x 190mm
  • our chapter book double-page size is 200mm x 150mm.

Literacy Tower Australia prices:

  • include gst

At Checkout, teachers can either pay later or pre-pay:

  • pay-later option – an invoice (payable in 21 days) will be emailed to you and your school (or State Education Finance Service)
  • pre-pay option – use your credit card (no bank fees) and a Tax Invoice and a Receipt will follow.

By using our online ordering service, you're confirming that you are an educator at the school, and that you are authorised to order on behalf of your school.

At Checkout, personal orders must be pre-paid:

  • using your credit card (no bank fees)
  • and a Tax Invoice and a Receipt will be emailed.

Free call 1800 733 608 for assistance.