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Sugar, Natural or Added? New Edition 6-Pack (Level 21) 10% Discount


Sugar, Natural or Added? NEW EDITION

Sugar, Natural or Added? NEW EDITION reader has 35% Queensland content (sugar cane growing, harvesting, processing – including pests and the cane toad) It has been rewritten and redesigned with new images, flow charts and recipes, such as sequence charts: sugar-cane-growing and sugar-making processes; procedure: a natural-sugar recipe ‘Frozen Grape Balls’ that children can make without parental supervision is changed by adding extra ingredients containing lactose (yoghurt) and glucose (oats). The Australian Dietary guidelines for children's daily fruit serves are included. 

Page-by-page teaching lessons – this teacher edition highlights the wealth of teaching opportunities contained in Sugar - Natural or Added? Sugar: Natural or Added? Teacher Edition NEW EDITION (PDF due December). Easy to identify and store with the student's guided readers. It features:

• Teacher orientation    

• Teacher preparation    

• Pre-reading discussion    

• Visual and title literacy   

• Page-by-page lessons    

• Instruction charts

• Language features    

• Comprehension questions    

• Curriculum activities

• Visual comprehension         

• Group activities 

QLD content in Very Valued Vets (Level 31)
NEW in 2020, this reader has 95% Australian content and features inspiring vets in QLD, NT, VIC and SA including vets who work for AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities)

QLD content in Towers (Level 27)
This popular reader has 50% Australian content and features Queensland's Q1Tower, Victoria's Eureka Tower and Australian students at Melbourne's Skydeck Education with Altitude on the 88th floor! 

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