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Is it a Prawn or a Shrimp? 6-pack (Level 15) 20% Discount

Word Count: 265 | High Frequency Words: 65%

Report Synopsis: This inquiry science book summarises the main characteristics between prawns and shrimps using images and labels, captions and diagrams.

Is it a Prawn or a Shrimp? Teacher Edition (Only $7.00)
1. Same size as the student book – reproduces each student book double-page-spread
2. Page-by-page teacher support – around perimeter of each student book double-page-spread
3. Highlights the wealth of teaching opportunities contained double-page-spread – aligned to the Australian and state curriculums
4. Ideal checklist of skills and teaching essentials – English language/literacy, related curriculum content areas and more.

Teacher Edition features:
• Pre-reading questions – e.g. glossary-in-context and inquiry   
• Teacher preparation   – e.g. synopsis, comprehension strategies  
• Visual literacy questions – e.g. images, diagrams
Nonfiction literacy questions – e.g. subheadings, captions, labels
• Page-by-page lessons – e.g. aligned to content sequence
• Language features list – e.g. grammar and spelling   
• Comprehension – nine strategies e.g. literal, visual, connection, synthesis and more  
• Writing models – e.g. excerpt from double-page-spread for explicit instruction
• Curriculum activities – e.g. written to enable student independence.

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