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Skin and Skeletons 6-pack (Level 19) 20% Discount

Word Count: 693

Synopsis: Inquiry question: How does our skin and skeleton help protect us? Chapters are organised by skin and skeletons across many groups of animals, including humans. Descriptive comparisons of skin types and skeletons, including animals with exoskeletons.

Skin and Skeletons Teacher Edition (Only $7.00)
1. Same size as the student book – reproduces each student book double-page-spread
2. Page-by-page teacher support – around perimeter of each student book double-page-spread
3. Highlights the wealth of teaching opportunities contained double-page-spread – aligned to the Australian and state curriculums
4. Ideal checklist of skills and teaching essentials – English language/literacy, related curriculum content areas and more.

Teacher Edition features:
• Pre-reading questions – e.g. glossary-in-context and inquiry   
• Teacher preparation   – e.g. synopsis, comprehension strategies  
• Visual literacy questions – e.g. images, diagrams
Nonfiction literacy questions – e.g. subheadings, captions, labels
• Page-by-page lessons – e.g. aligned to content sequence
• Language features list – e.g. grammar and spelling   
• Comprehension – nine strategies e.g. literal, visual, connection, synthesis and more  
• Writing models – e.g. excerpt from double-page-spread for explicit instruction
• Curriculum activities – e.g. written to enable student independence.

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