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Park Safari (Level 24) 10% Discount


Recount | HASS / HSIE / Environment

In Park Safari Jim Jackson is joined by his twin sister Jen as they travel to some of the world’s most popular parks (e.g. Hyde Park, UK) and national parks (e.g. Kakadu), including the world's first national park (Yellowstone, USA). Australian Park Rangers working in NSW and WA tell us why they love their jobs! Includes Indigenous Park Rangers. This book perfectly pairs with our Level 8 Jim Jackson Brave Explorer where Jim Jackson first appears.

Also available
Park Safari 6-pack
Park Safari Teacher Edition ($8.00)
Page-by-page comprehension across many strategies, language features, activities, lists for spelling, reading and writing models and more.

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Kakadu National Park is also featured in one of the NT chapters plus an Indigenous seasons chart for Kakadu.

Let's Go to New South Wales (Years 2–4)
Many NSW National Parks feature in this guided reading book.

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