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Teacher Edition

Cool Castles NEW EDITION (Teacher Edition) Level 29

NEW EDITION Student Book
This popular book has been textually and visually updated – a wide of range of castles also include 'Dracula's castle' called Bran Castle, Transylvania. It's ideal to use alongside our:
Level 28 Blood as this nonfiction has been cleverly narrated by a humorous Dracula character.
Level 29 Paired Fiction title 'Riddle of Bloodstone Castle'
Level 30 Paired Fiction title 'Secret of Bloodstone Ruins'

NEW EDITION Teacher Edition Features
Complete page-by-page teaching lessons in the same easy-to-use format as the student book. This teacher edition highlights the wealth of teaching opportunities contained in Cool Castles and has an up-to-date Australian curriculum focus. It features:

• Teacher orientation    

• Teacher preparation    

• Pre-reading discussion    

• Visual and title literacy   

• Page-by-page lessons    

• Instruction charts

• Language features    

• Comprehension questions    

• Curriculum activities

• Visual comprehension         

• Group activities  

Easy to identify and store with the student books, and great to use in group and guided reading.

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