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(35% discount) Pre-Levels 1–2 + Levels 1–2 Readers Set (20 titles + free puppets)


Full Price: $159
35% discount price: $103.35 (price includes gst)

SET HAS: 10 Pre-levels 1–2 Readers + 10 Levels 1–2 Readers + 2 FREE Dragon Hand Puppets. (The dragon is the main character in the Pre-level 2 Grusilda reader and the Level 2 Grusilda reader.)

10 Pre-levels 1–2 Readers prepare students for reading 10 Levels 1–2 Readers.
Fiction example: jump up (pre-level 1) prepares students for reading Jump Up (Level 1)
Nonfiction example:
kittens (pre-level 2) prepares students for reading Kittens (Level 2)

Provides Foundation Year students (who are struggling readers) with more vocabulary repetition + more practice of sight and non-sight words – in shorter sentences in Pre-levels 1–2 Readers first BEFORE reading the slightly higher leveled companion Levels 1–2 readers. This support revises story sequence to build students' confidence, fluency, success and enjoyment, in their early reading experiences to help them stay engaged and inspired to continue reading with purpose.

Teacher support in Pre-level readers:

  • An analysis of decodable, sight and non-sight words in each Pre-level reader
  • A summary of text type stages (image + text) in each Pre-level reader
  • A picture glossary in the Pre-reading Word Practice section of each Pre-level reader. 

Want to buy more Pre-levels 1–2 readers?
Order HERE for a set of 10 titles. 35% discount
Order HERE for individual titles or 6-packs. 30% discount

ORDER FOUNDATION YEAR SET HERE (35% discount) 50 titles @ Levels 1-10 + three FREE dragon hand puppets. (Grusilda the dragon is a character in the Level 2 Grusilda reader)
ORDER YEAR 1 SET HERE (30% discount) 50 titles @ Levels 11-20
ORDER YEAR 2 SET HERE (20% discount) 50 titles @ Levels 21-30
ORDER Level 31 SET HERE (25% discount) 8 titles @ Level 31 (6 titles in the Australian States and Territories Series plus 1 copy of NEW Very Valued Vets plus 1 copy of NEW Paper Planes to Supersonic Aircraft)

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