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Space Week 2020 Satellites Pack


Space Week 2020 Satellites Pack
Buy now to get books before October

Pack of 5 titles $41.95 (18% discount)
Earth’s moon, a natural satellite!
Where Does the Moon Go?
Level 18 book $9.25
(student inquiry letters followed by explanation text)
Space history, from the first rocket!
Space Race
Level 30 book $10.25
(mission report format)
First Australian-made satellite!
Let’s Go to South Australia (NEW)
Level 31+ book $10.75
(satellite launched from Woomera, SA in 1967)
NASA Skylab Fell on WA!
Let’s Go to Western Australia
Level 31+ book $10.75
(Skylab broke up across WA and Indian Ocean)
Tallest Communication Tower!
Level 27 book $10.25
(ideal to compare Skytree in Tokyo to space satellites)


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