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Teacher Editions Levels 1–10 SET (Foundation Year) 50 Titles (20% Off)


There are 50 Teacher Editions to support 50 Student Readers @ Levels 1 to 10.
Each Teacher Edition ($7.00 per title) is the same size as its companion Student Reader.

DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE: Level 10 Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds NEW EDITION Student Reader and NEW EDITION Teacher Edition.

SAVE planning time with page-by-page explicit instruction, comprehension strategies, in-context activities and writing models taken directly from the text.

The SET of 50 Teacher Editions is usually $350

Student Readers Levels 1–10 SET (Foundation Year) 50 Titles (35% Off)
The SET of 50 Student Readers is usually $447.50
SAVE 35% DISCOUNT – NOW $268.50 

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