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STEM – Thematic Book Pack (12 titles) 17% Discount


The STEM Thematic Book Pack comprises 12 titles from Levels 21–30 plus 12 Activity Sheets:

Sugar: Natural or Added? (Level 21 Discussion) 
Trains Speed Up! (Level 22 Explanation)
Wave Riders (Level 23 Report)
Rock Challenges (Level 24 Report)
Flush (Level 25 Report)
TV Station Tour (Level 27 Response)
Towers (Level 27 Report)
Are Plastics the Problem? (Level 28 Discussion)
Extreme Survival (Level 29 Report)
Today’s Dinosaurs (Level 29 Report)
Space Race (Level 30 Report)
Fly Further Faster Higher (Level 30 Report)

SAVE 17% on individual title prices with this great collection of STEM titles!

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