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Food Readers Set (10 titles) 35% discount


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Beautifully designed and creatively written set of 10 readers (Levels 3–25).

CLICK on title if you wish to order individual titles:

Sugar, Natural or Added? Level 21 (New Edition) Includes Queensland/NSW content

Chocolate Celebrations Level 25 Includes South Australian content

Eggbert’s Egg-cyclopedia Level 23 Includes Victorian content

Amazing Milk Level 20 Includes Tasmanian content

Bread Feeds the World Level 16 Includes an Australian damper recipe and a history of damper. Includes a range of bread representing many cultures in Australia.

Yes, Fries Please Level 19 Includes recipes for making healthy fries and history of potatoes and more.

Pancakes Level 11 Whole book is an image-based recipe for making pancakes

A Lip-smacking Smoothie Level 10 Includes image-based recipes for making smoothies

Sunflower Seeds Level 7 Includes image-based planting procedure and diagrams

Pizza Time Level 3 Image-based processes when making pizzas

To cater for a wide range of reading abilities in the classroom, each set is made up of a range of thematically linked leveled readers – all beautifully designed.
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