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HUMOROUS Books Set (25 titles) 35% Discount


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The HUMOROUS Books Set comprises 25 beautifully designed and illustrated fiction titles @ Levels 2–26, and includes 3 verse titles.

NEW (Pre-level 2) Don’t Splash Me! A simpler narrative for students to read before reading (Level 2) Don’t Splash Me, listed below.

(Level 2) Don’t Splash Me! (narrative – a brother keeps splashing sister, much to her annoyance, until a huge wave makes one big splash all over the sister!)

(Level 5) Turn On the Sprinkler (narrative– Dad asks for help with the tap, but ends up getting a sprinkler splash surprise)

(Level 6) Scratch Rat Scratch (VERSE – Dad doesn’t believe mum about a rat in the bin, until he checks for himself!)

(Level 9) The Penguin Race (narrative features P1, P2 and P3 penguins having a race down a mountain slope – a humorous ending when one penguin wins, but not by running)

(Level 9) Cool Crow Party (VERSE – about ‘cool’ crow characters having fun at a party)

(Level 10) A Sandwich for a Cockroach (VERSEabout a cockroach’s sandwich which gets slimier and funnier)

(Level 14) Two Silly Dwarves and a Troll (narrative – ideal for perspective (size), the silly dwarves' dialogue and actions make for hilarious reading)

(Level 14) Two Silly Dwarves Toss a Coin (narrative – ideal for probability, the silly dwarves get sillier and funnier as they try to work out the best route to have a picnic)

(Level 15) The Silly Squealing Pigs (narrative – as three silly pigs build bridges to avoid the crocodile, their designs become sillier and funnier)

(Level 16) Mr McFurtle Trains His Puppy (narrative – a well-meaning, but silly, McFurtle tries to train his puppy causing mayhem at the McFurtle home)

(Level 16) I've Got the Runniest Nose (narrative – an unsympathetic father says his son’s symptoms are only a cold, until he gets a cold!)

(Level 17) Mr McFurtle Makes Music (narrative – well-meaning, but silly, McFurtle tries to learn many instruments, much to annoyance of Mrs McFurtle)

(Level 17) I Was So Embarrassed (narrative – a well-meaning yet hilarious mum, causes Katie much embarrassment, until the school awards night, when her mum is the best of all)

(Level 18) The Biggest and Best Bone (narrative – ideal for science topic 'reflections', a silly dog ‘follows’ himself thinking it’s another dog with his bone in the water's reflections around town)

(Level 18) Gilbert the Goofy Guppy (narrative – attention-seeking Gilbert the goofy guppy engages in a series of hilarious antics which result in a big shock for him)

(Level 19) Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full (narrative – Jack tries to warn his babysitter about the 'visitors' landing on, and inside, her sandwich, but he's told not to talk with his mouth full – much to his cheeky delight)

(Level 19) Mrs Mumbletrouble’s Tummy Rumble(narrative – unaware that her noisy tummy sounds were the real cause of attention – hilarity follows Mrs Mumbletrouble's tummy rumbles around town)

(Level 20) The Weirdest Pet Day (narrative – a group of students enjoy exaggerating their pets’ descriptions to their horrified teacher)

(Level 21) Mr McFurtle’s Fix-Up Friday (narrative – a well-meaning, but silly, Mr McFurtle tries to fix things much to Mrs McFurtle’s horror – the McFurtle series are thoroughly entertaining reads for students)

(Level 22) A Hundred Million Peas (narrative – Jack eats his least favorite vegetable first (peas) but his grandma misinterprets that and piles more peas on his plate, much to chagrin of Jack – a thoroughly entertaining read for students)

(Level 23) Preposterous Problem Parrot (a cheeky parrot makes up hilarious rhymes so that no-one would buy him at the pet shop. A paired fiction – paired with (Level 24) Blackspit the Buccaneer)

(Level 24) Blackspit the Buccaneer (a buccaneer who pretends to be gruff, egocentrically suggests hilarious ideas for his birthday presents. A paired fiction – paired with (Level 23) Preposterous Problem Parrot )

(Level 25) Carlton Fumble, Conjuror (a magician messes up his magic tricks, until a twist at the end of the story hails him hero in his hometown. A paired fiction – paired with (Level 26) Merry, Merry Magic Muddle)

(Level 26) Merry, Merry Magic Muddle (a magician feels awful when he messes up his magic tricks, but a reviewer viewed his magic mistakes as hilarious entertainment. A paired fiction – paired with (Level 25) Carlton Fumble, Conjuror.)

To cater for a wide range of reading abilities in the classroom, each set is made up of a range of thematically linked leveled readers – all beautifully designed.
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