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Nature in Flight Pack - 6 titles (35% Discount)


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6 titles between Levels 10–28
Birds, Birds Birds, Birds New Edition (nonfiction description, incl. Australian birds) Level 10 (8-pages)

The Fly and Tadpole (narrative, values) Level 12 (8-pages)

Four and Twenty Blackbirds (narrative verse, humour) Level 14 (8-pages)

Preposterous Problem Parrot (paired fiction with humorous verse) Level 23 (24-pages)

Teeny-Weeny Itsy-Bitsy Animals (nonfiction report, incl. chapter on hummingbirds) Level 23 (16 pages)

Animal Journeys (nonfiction description, incl. chapters on bird migration and monarch butterfly migration) Level 28 (24 pages)

Great for Guided Reading and Biological Sciences
Migration of Monarch Butterlies and Birds Chapters in Animal Journeys (Level 28)

Tiny hummingbirds (chapter) in Teeny-Weeny Itsy-Bitsy Animals (Level 23)

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