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AUTUMN/WINTER Books Pack (10 Titles) 17% discount


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The Autumn/Winter Books Pack comprises 10 titles from Levels 1–29:

(Level 1) Good Day Bad Day (narrative)

(Level 6) Sniff Sniff Snuffle Snort (verse)

(Level 8) Jim Jackson Brave Explorer (narrative)

(Level 8) Snow (introductory-level report)

(Level 9) The Penguin Race (narrative)

(Level 9) Iceberg Life (introductory-level report)

(Level 21) Victoria, Is that True? (narrative, part-set in Arctic)

(Level 29 PAIR FICTION) The Heroic Little Bear (narrative, part-set in Canada's Winter)

(Level 30 PAIR FICTION) Uncle Ivan's Unlikely Exploits (narrative, part-set in Canada's Winter)

(Level 29) Extreme Survival (report, select chapters set extreme-cold environments)

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