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INQUIRY SCIENCE Thematic Book Pack (10 Titles) 17% Discount


The INQUIRY SCIENCE Thematic Book Pack comprises 10 Titles from Levels 5–29.

(Level 5) What is a Calf? (introductory-level description)

(Level 12) Is a Snail a Slug? (introductory-level description)

(Level 12) What Grows Next? (introductory-level description/report)

(Level 14) Why Do We Blink? (introductory-level explanation)

(Level 15) Is a Prawn a Shrimp? (description)

(Level 18) Where Does the Moon Go? (explanation/response)

(Level 18) Are Fish Popular Pets? (discussion/persuasive)

(Level 21) Sugar, Good or Bad? (discussion/persuasive)

(Level 28) Are Plastics the Problem? (discussion/persuasive)

(Level 29) Today's Dinosaurs (report)

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