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(25% Discount) Let's Go to New South Wales (Level 31)

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A levelled non-fiction for Year 2 to Year 4/5 students. Features a range of fascinating topics from NSW's first peoples to explorers to immigrants to the present, including alignment to many content areas in the Australian Curriculum. A great itinerary for travel around NSW. Includes Indigenous Australians.

24-pages, 189mm x 200mm, colour. 

SAVE 6-pack (6 each of Let's Go to New South Wales)

SAVE Series-set  (1 each of 7 Aust. States titles)
Let's Go to New South Wales; Let's Go to Western Australia; Let's Go to Tasmania; Let's Go to Victoria; Let's Go to South Australia; Let’s Go to the Territories and Let's Go to Queensland (L22)

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