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PROCEDURE/SEQUENCE Thematic Book Pack (12 Titles) 17% Discount


The PROCEDURE/SEQUENCE Thematic Book Pack comprises 12 titles from Levels 3–25:

(Level 3) Pizza Time (introductory-level procedure)

(Level 7) Sunflower Seeds (introductory-level procedure)

(Level 10) A Lip-Smacking Smoothie (introductory-level procedure)

(Level 11) Pancakes (procedure)

(Level 14) Two Silly Dwarves Toss a Coin (fiction, sequence)

(Level 14) Spider School: Spin a Web (procedure, fun step-by-step approach)

(Level 16) Bread Feeds the World (procedure, damper and NZ Maori bread)

(Level 19) Yes, Fries Please (procedure)

(Level 21) Sugar: Natural or Added? (sequence, sugar-making process)

(Level 21) The Story of Silk (sequence, silk-making process)

(Level 23) Eggbert's Egg-Cyclopedia (procedure, recipe hard-boiled eggs and toast towers)

(Level 25) Chocolate Celebrations (procedure/ sequence, chocolate-making process)

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