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Selection-titles Set (Foundation Year) Levels 1 to 10 (50% Discount) 20 Titles


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Selection-titles Set (Year 1) Levels 11–20 (50% Discount) 20 titles

Selection-titles Set (Years 2–4) Levels 21–31+ (40% Discount) 20 titles

This Selection-titles Set contains 20 fiction and nonfiction reader titles from our set of 50 titles at Levels 1-10. Ideal for Foundation to Year 2 students – guided and take-home reading.

Each book size is 19 cm x 20 cm: with celloglazed covers for added durability.

20 Titles in Selection-titles Set (Levels 1–10)
Hide and Seek (Level 1 narrative, humour)
Birthday Cake (Level 1 (nonfiction)
Don't Splash Me! (Level 2 narrative, humour)
Kittens (Level 2 nonfiction)
What Will We Do Today? (Level 3 verse, humour)
Pizza Time (Level 3 nonfiction, procedure)
Yelp! Help! (Level 4 narrative, helping others)
Train Your Dog (Level 4 nonfiction)
Turn on the Sprinkler (Level 5 narrative, humour)
What is a Calf? (Level 5 inquiry science)
Sniff Sniff Snuffle Snort (Level 6 narrative verse)
Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets (Level 6 nonfiction)
Something in the Car (Level 7 narrative, suspense)
Sunflower Seeds (Level 7 nonfiction procedure)
Jim Jackson Brave Lone Explorer (Level 8 narrative, adventure)
Australia's Amazing Platypus (Level 8 nonfiction)
The Penguin Race (Level 9 narrative, humour)
Iceberg Life (Level 9 nonfiction)
Rollercoaster Thrill (Level 10 narrative, verse)
Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds NEW EDITION 2021 (Level 10 nonfiction)

To cater for a wide range of reading abilities in the classroom, each set is made up of a range of thematically linked leveled readers – all beautifully designed.
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Selection Titles Set (20 of 50 titles @ L1–10) 50% OFF

Selection Titles Set (20 of 50 titles @ L11–20) 50% OFF

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