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Selection-titles Set (Year 1) Levels 11–20 (50% Discount) 20 titles


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This Selection-titles Set contains 20 fiction and nonfiction reader titles from our set of 50 titles at Levels 11-20. Ideal for Foundation to Year 2 students – take-home or guided reading readers.

Each book size is 19 cm x 20 cm: with celloglazed covers (ADDED DURABILITY)
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20 Titles in Selection-titles Set (Levels 11–20)

Big Fish Little Fish (Level 11 narrative, humour)
Pancakes (Level 11 introductory-level procedure)
The Fly and the Tadpole (Level 12 narrative, humour)
Is a Snail a Slug? (Level 12 inquiry science)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Level 13 verse, humour)
Where Do Nursery Rhymes Come From? (Level 13 nonfiction, incl. Six a Song o' Sixpence)
The Clever Black Spider (Level 14 narrative, humour)
Spider School (Level 14 a unique web-making procedure)
Silly Squealing Pigs (Level 15 narrative, humour)
Is it a Prawn or a Shrimp? (Level 15 inquiry science)
Mr McFurtle Trains His Puppy (Level 16 narrative, humour)
Bread Feeds the World (Level 16, Incl. 2 image-based recipes, e.g. Damper and Maori bread)
Do Not Feed The Ducks (Level 17 narrative, humour)
Tusks and Teeth (Level 17 nonfiction)
The Biggest and Best Bone (Level 18 narrative, humour)
Where Does the Moon Go? (Level 18 inquiry science)
Don't Talk With Your Month Full (Level 19 narrative, humour)
Skin and Skeletons (Level 19 nonfiction)
The Weirdest Pet Day (Level 20 narrative, humour)
Australia's Outback (Level 20 nonfiction)


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