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Tuckshop Day Pack (17% discount) 8 titles (Levels 10–23)


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Healthy Tuckshop Day is held on the first Friday in November.

Here's a pack of humorous fiction and engaging nonfiction books to support teaching units across these content areas: Health and Physical Education, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, HASS (HSIE), Technology.

Pack Titles
Level 10 Sandwich for Cockroach (a humorous narrative verse)
Level 10 A Lip-smacking Smoothie  (an image-based procedure nonfiction)
Level 11 Pancakes (an image-based procedure nonfiction)
Level 16 Bread Feeds the World  (two chapters about damper – history and an image-based recipe)
Level 19 Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full!  (a humorous narrative)
Level 20 Amazing Milk (nonfiction includes alternative milk, such as almond)
Level 23 Eggbert's Egg-Cyclopedia (nonfiction also features an 11-year-old egg farmer from Gisborne, Victoria, and lots of egg facts)
NEW Level 21 Sugar, Natural or Added? Includes Queensland sugar cane growing, harvesting, processing – including pests and the cane toad! A great fruit fructose recipe that children can make without parental supervision; Australian Dietary guidelines for daily fruit serves and much more. This updated edition has been rewritten and redesigned.

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