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Tuckshop Day Pack (15% discount) 10 titles


Healthy Tuckshop Day is on 22 June 2020

Tuckshop Day Pack
Here's a pack of humorous fiction and engaging nonfiction books to support teaching units across these content areas:

Biological Sciences
Chemical Sciences

Pack Titles

Level 10 Sandwich for Cockroach $8.25 ea. (a humorous narrative verse)
Level 10 A Lip-smacking Smoothie $8.25 ea. (an image-based procedure nonfiction)
Level 11 Pancakes $8.75 ea. (an image-based procedure nonfiction)
Level 16 Bread Feeds the World $9.25 ea. (two chapters about damper – history and an image-based recipe)
Level 19 Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full! $9.25 ea. (a humorous narrative)
Level 19 Mrs Mumbletrouble's Tummy Rumbles $9.25 ea.(a humorous narrative)
Level 19 Yes Fries, Please $9.25 ea. (a healthy fries recipe)
Level 20 Amazing Milk $9.25 ea. (nonfiction includes alternative milk, such as almond)
Level 23 Eggbert's Egg-Cyclopedia $9.75 ea. (nonfiction also features an 11-year-old egg farmer from Gisborne, Victoria, and lots of egg facts)
Level 25 Chocolate Celebrations $9.75 ea. (this sometimes-food nonfiction includes basic technological principles of how a chocolate fountain works, Haigh's Chocolates (South Australia) procedure on how they make chocolate; a chocolate school in Sydney, NSW.

NEW in July 2020
Level 21 Sugar, Natural or Added? $9.75 ea. Save 6-pack $48.95  Includes Queensland sugar cane growing, harvesting, processing – including pests and the cane toad! A great fruit fructose recipe that children can make without parental supervision; Australian Dietary guidelines for daily fruit serves and much more. This updated edition has many new facts and completely redesigned.

QLD teachers (QCAA)
See the 'Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority'
'Year 3: The great tuckshop challenge' (HPE) They are great resources for QLD teachers leading up to 'Healthy Tuckshop Day'. 


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