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AUSTRALIA Books Set (Levels 28–31) 30% Discount



Australian content for guided reading, student projects and libraries, the set contains 10 titles:

  • 1 copy of NEW EDITION Are All Plastics a Problem? (Features Australian soft-plastics recycling companies in Victoria). Level 28
  • 1 copy of NEW Very Valued Vets (Australian volunteer vets at AMRICC and vets in QLD, NT, VIC, SA). Level 31
  • 1 copy of NEW Paper Planes to Supersonic Aircraft (Includes: NSW Paper Plane Challenge, Australia’s Paper Plane Pilots, Australia’s Paper Planes the movie and more). Level 31
  • 1 copy each of the 7 titles in Australian States and Territories Series. (Level 22 Let's Go to Queensland and Level 31 (Let's Go to Victoria, Let's Go to South Australia, Let's Go to Western Australia, Let's Go to Tasmania, Let's Go to New South Wales, Let's Go to the Territories)

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