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Australian States Series Pack (7 titles)

Australian States Series Pack contains: one each of seven titles in the NEW Australian States Series. (17% discount)

Each title has many chapters suitable for key curriculum content areas, including Science as Human Endeavour. One of the themes is the ocean and Australia's marine life and habitats – some examples are below:

Let’s Go to the Territories (NEW on 18 September 2020)
This new book covers all 10 territories – 3 mainland and 7 external territories – therefore all chapters, except the ACT, feature amazing places and marine life around the ocean.

Let’s Go to South Australia (NEW published in July 2020)
Chapter 6: Ports and peninsulas – purposes of ports, habitats and marine life
Chapter 7: Marine parks and peninsulas
Chapter 8: Migration of giant cuttlefish and whales – including a marine scientist who studies the giant cuttlefish
Chapter 9: Kangaroo Island and marine parks

Let’s Go to Tasmania (NEW published in March 2020)
Chapter 5: Tasman National Park (sea caves, sea cliffs); Freycinet National Park (wetlands, beaches, wildlife)  
Chapter 7: Devonport, Bass Strait Maritime Centre; Tamar River – tourism, habitats and marine life 
Chapter 8: Islands (Flinders, King, Bruny, Macquarie) and wildlife
Chapter 9: Renewable Energy: Water (hydro) and wind power (Hydro Tasmania case study)

Let’s Go to Victoria (NEW published in March 2020)
Chapter 3: Port Phillip Bay – wildlife, ferries, bridges
Chapter 6: Mornington Peninsula – marine life, beaches, sand dunes
Chapter 7: Phillip Island penguins – wildlife park ranger interview
Let’s Go to New South Wales (NEW published in January 2020)
Chapter 2: Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour – purposes, habitats
Chapter 6: Taronga Zoos – wildlife officer interview who rehabilitates a marine turtle
Chapter 7: Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay – habitats and marine life (beaches, wetlands)
Chapter 10: Murray-Darling Basin, Lord Howe Island Group – purposes, habitats and marine life 
Let’s Go to Queensland (NEW published end 2019)
Chapter 2: Great Barrier Reef – habitats and marine life 
Chapter 3: Fraser Island – tourism, habitats and marine life 
Chapter 4: Sunshine Coast – tourism, habitats and marine life

Let’s Go to Western Australia (NEW published end 2019)
Chapter 6: Wave Rock and waves
Chapter 9: Islands, lakes and rivers – habitats and marine life
Chapter 10: Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coast – world heritage sites

SAVE with 6-packs
All titles can be ordered as 6-packs – which include free activity sheets ideal for guided nonfiction reading.

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