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(NEW) AUSTRALIA Thematic Book Pack (18 Titles) 17% Discount


The AUSTRALIA Thematic Book Pack comprises 18 titles from Levels 8–30:

(Level 8) Australia's Amazing Platypus (introductory-level report)

(Level 13) A World of Gold (historical recount)

(Level 15) ANZAC Day (introductory-level explanation)

(Level 16) Bread Feeds the World (procedure, damper recipe, maori-bread recipe)

(Level 20) Australia's Outback (introductory-level description)

(Level 20) Amazing Milk (introductory-level report)

(Level 22) Costume Changes (report, indigenous Australians)

(Level 22) Let's Go to Queensland (exposition/discussion)

(Level 22) Trains Speed Up (explanation, Victoria-state miniature railway)

(Level 23) Eggbert's Egg-Cyclopedia (explanation, Victoria-state-based egg farmer aged 11 years)

(Level 24) Rock Challenges (report, NSW-based extreme rock climber – Monique)

(Level 24) Park Safari (recount/description, Australian park rangers)

(Level 25) Chocolate Celebrations (report, Adelaide-based Haigh's Chocolates)

(Level 27) Towers (report, Victoria-state-based Eureka Tower, QLD Q2 Tower)

(Level 27) We Loved our TV Station Tour (response, Melbourne-based Channel Seven TV Station)

(Level 28) Are Plastics the Problem? (report/discussion, Melbourne-based soft-plastics recycler makes school furniture)

(Level 30) Fly Further, Fly Faster, Fly Higher (report, Melbourne-airport air-traffic controller – Jacqueline)

(Level 30) Places: What's in a Name? (explanation, meanings of indigenous Australian place names, origin of many other Australian place names)

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